Pictures of Consecration Ceremony

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Temple's priests and helping assistant to the priests.


The statues and ornamental statutes on the pillars inside the Temple depicting the religious aspects. An artisan doing very intricate works of arts on one of the statues.

Temple's Floor plan. Click the handle to enlarge.


Preparation rituals: 

Dakshinamoorthy Sthapathy in doing the statutes placement rituals. His artisans are doing the final touches after placement of the statues.

Temple President, members and volunteers are helping in this process of placements of statues.

Preparation rituals: 


On the day of the Maha Khumbhabhishekam (Consecration) ceremony 28 May 2006. All the Priests in their finer moments of performing rituals sanctifying the Rajakopuram (Main Tower) with "KALASAMS" (Gold plated Goblets crowning the Main Tower) during the carefully arranged auspicious time.

TOP: Devotees doing"Jalaathivaasam" (Sanctifying rituals with Holy water) prior to proper placemnets of the statues according to the "Veda Agama Vithigal" (religious rules of proper placment to resonate in true order inside the temple).

MIDDLE: Artisans doing final touches after placement of statues.

BELOW: Volunteers and our long standing popular Temple announcer.


Government dignitaries, priests, visiting representatives of Temples in Montreal & Toronto and some of our long standing volunteers were honoured.

TOP: The “KALASAMS” (Gold plated goblets) were being carried by the devotees to be placed on top of the “RAJAKOPURAM” (Main Tower) during the preparation ceremonies prior to the "Maha Khumbhabhishekam" (Consecration) ceremony.

MIDDLE: "Thiruvilakku Pooja" (rituals of Lighting of the Oil Lamp performed by the women)

BELOW: All priests chanting "Mantras" (sermons). The President and his wife are seen holding the Tray of all offerings to the Sanctorum from the Temple priest during the rituals.


TOP: Swami Bodthinatha Veylan Swami of Saiva Sidthantha Temple - Hawaii USA having discussion with the President and the Temple Priest. His is giving a short speech soon after the Consecration Ceremony.

MIDDLE:  During his speech "Hindu way of Life for Today's Young Generation". Professor Dr. T.S. Shankar presided this Youth Forum.

BELOW: Mr. Samy Appathurai (left) a very popular social worker, Writer, Historian & Community leader and Dr. Balasundaram - Educationist, Writer and Historian Researcher during the thanking speech. Also Mr. Sami Appathurai introducing the Canada Postage stamp with Temple's Picture. First time a Postage stamp was issued by a Hindu Temple in North America.

Some clips of Preists chanting Mantras, devotees worshipping and "Nathaswara" muscial group" performing all religious and devotional notes inside the Temple.


MIDDLE: The President's religious honouring rituals of the Priests prior to the Maha Khumbhabhishekam.

BELOW: Devotees eespecially childeren and teenagers enthusiastically participating in "Ennai Kaapu" (oil sanctification of statutes inside the shrines and outside) This was the only last opportunity people had in touching the statues prior to the Maha Khumbhabhishekam" (Consecration) ceremony.

Temple's resident priest Sivasri A. Venkateswara Kurukkal (Sri Iyaa) on the final 48th day after Consecration ceremony. More pictures are below.


The statues and ornamental statutes on the pillars inside the Temple depicting the religious aspects. Artisans doing very intricate works of arts on the statues, inside the Temple and Rajakopuram (outside). Board Members in serious discussions during the progress of the Temple Project..

More pictures of statues and artisans at work can be seen below: