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Please click the above picture to hear the “Decorative Lord Karthikeya” devotional song by C.T. Uthamaseelan Music & Lyrics "Sabtheswara" K. Uthayakumar.
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This is is the Front face of the Temple with wider area for Annual Festivals and other major functions.


From East - Montreal/New York - Hwy 40 West, exit 55. Turn into Deacon Ave. First STOP Right turn into St.Regis Blvd. Turn Left after 1st STOP sign to Temple.

From Downtown Montreal by Bus. Start from Cote Vertu Metro (subway) take Bus No 215. Alight on 2nd Bus Halt after Sunnybrooke Ave.

From West - Ottawa/Toronto/Rochester/Buffalo - Hwy 40 East, exit 55. Enter Sources Blvd. North at 2nd Signal light turn RIGHT into Brunswick Blvd. 1st STOP sign past the 1st Signal light, turn right into RIGHT Deacon Ave. 1st STOP sign on Deacon Ave turn left into St.Regis Blvd. Turn Left after 1st STOP sign to Temple

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