Glimpses of our HISTORY from 1983 - 2006

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  • The early days of worshipping since 1983.
  • Some are during the Kavadi procession days in 1991.

  • Shivanantha Ashramam - Val-Morin Kavadi festival participation in 1991-1995 period.
  • Dr. V. Ganapathy Sthapathy in discussion with our Board members and rituals in our Holy Land in 1993
  • Mission's delegation with politicians in 1991.

  • Surveying and levelling with our qualified members in our Holy Land and our volunteers at work in 1993/1994
  • Conch-Setting ceremony in our Holy Land in June 1995. Also can be seen Late Athma Jothi Muthiah of Kaithadi Anaathai Illam, Thamil Eelam.

  • Consecration ceremony for our "BAALAALAYAM" (Temporary Temple) in November 1995.
  • Cultural events by our Students and children's participation of our well-wishers.
  • Annual 12 days summer festival since 1996. 
  • Cultural events by our Students and children's participation of our well-wishers.

  • Sod Turning ceremony Dr. V.Ganapathy Sthapathy and in June 2001.
  • Auspicious rituals and conch-setting ceremony in June 2002. Sivasri Viyakarana Siromani Thiagarajah Kurukkal and Karuppiah Dakshinamoorthy Sthapathy. 
  • Phase II construction in progress since June 2002. 

    • Eminent Priests from Canada, India and Sri-Lanka during construction. 
    • Buliding slowly taking shape from the ground.
    • Board Members and Government Officials during construction period of Phase II.
    • Seen in the picture also the artisans from India doing very intricate works of sculptures, ornamentals pillars and other forms related to Temple's architecture per Vaasthu Sasthiram.
    • Board Members in serious discussions of the Phase II project during construction period.

    • Mission's delegation to Toronto - Ontario Province(neighbouring Province) in March 2001.
    • Dakshinamoorthy Sthapathy during the TVI interview with Kavignar Kandavanam and Board member Raveenthiramoorthy in July 2003.
    • Board Members, visiting politicians and community leaders during construction period.
    • Sample of History in Text form Page 1 of 6.

    Sample of History in Text form Page 2 of 6.
    Sample of History in Text form Page 3 of 6.

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