The School of HERITAGE Studies

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At the Montreal Murugan Temple:

Every Saturday:

"Bharatha Naatiya" classes are conducted by Mrs. Kalpalatha of Peali Arpana School of oriental dancing.

Every Sunday:
Religious & Language classes are conducted by Volunteer Teachers.

Classes start at 4 PM with prayers and disciplined by the School of Heritage Studies Administrators.
Montreal Murugan School of Heritage Studies is headed by Mrs. Ramanathan.
(a prominent teacher and later Principal in Sri Lanka).

YOUTH FORUM schedueld on Saturday 27th August 2005 is regretfully postponed. New developments will be notified on the website and through the participating Youth Associations and oragnizers.

Temple Administration


Pictures of Classes and other Student activities will be posted in the Future:

Clieck the mouse handle to see Children and Teachers at "Panniisai" - Devotional songs competition 1995-1996

Children and Teachers at "Panniisai" - Devotional songs competition 2002