Special CONSECRATION Ceremony page

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The leading Priests performed the most important rituals on the day of the Consecration Ceremony on the Top of the RAJAKOPURAM.
Preists Sanctifying the "KALASAMS" with Holy Water and sprinkled with Flower petals and placed the garland.

1) Honouring of the Chief Architect Dakshinamoorthy Sthapathy (in garland) by the President & Trustee Mr. Yoganathan
2) Temple's resident Priest Sivasri Venkateswara Kurukkal Honouring with Flower Crest
3) Award of Excellence by the Past President & Trustee Mr. Umapathy
4) Appreciation Plaque by the Past President and Trustee Mr. S. Raveenthiramoorthy.
5) Sthapathy giving his words on the architecture of the Temple. Seen next to him is Temple's Guiding Priest Sivasri Viyakarana Siromani Poorna Thiagarajah Kurukkal (B.A Hons. Cey & Annamalai University Tamilnadu)
6) President Yoganathan honouring the Chief of Artisans - Karuppiah.
The most intricate works of Religious architecture was undertaken by Vaasthu Vignani Karuppiah DAKSHINAMOORTHY Sthapathy of Karaikudi - Tamilnadu - India